Keep the Ball is a company that has been created in the West Midlands as a resource for coaches who are committed to developing themselves as coaches who want to then develop skillful players and teams.



Roger Wilkinson and John Cartwright founded Premier Skills in 2002.  Created to address deficiencies in youth football development through a unique and original coaching philosophy, Premier Skills has been widely accepted worldwide.  We have worked extensively throughout the United Kingdom, Norway, Spain, USA, Australia, South Africa, Hong Kong and New Zealand providing courses for coaches and players of all levels. Premier Skills works with coaches and players at grassroots level right through to professional level.

Keep the Ball prides itself on using the unique “Practice Play” TM coaching methodology. The “Practice Play” TM methodology recreates the “street football” playing environment through realistic sessions and practices.  We place an emphasis on realistic skill practices where players are making decisions on time and space.

Keep the Ball are committed to educating, mentoring and assisting coaches to develop high level coaching skills.  We provide the training and support so that coaches can achieve the highest possible benchmark of success at whatever level they are working.

We aim to produce natural players. We want players to be confident when dribbling, running, turning, twisting, and shielding and encourage them to be clever on the ball.  We develop individualism with team understanding.