Coach Education Courses

Our coach education courses are designed to develop innovative coaches that will in turn produce outstanding players.


We believe the art of coaching is learnt on the grass and all of our coach education courses focus on practical, realistic demonstration and experience. Using the unique Practice Play methodology, KEEP THE BALL courses develop coaches into innovative practitioners with the tools and knowledge to develop skilful players. All courses are delivered by certified KEEP THE BALL-PRACTICE PLAY coaches to ensure the highest quality and worthwhile learning experience is guaranteed.

Practice Play

The Practice Play courses take the coach on a realistic journey from working with grass roots players at Level 1 to senior players at Level 5. Our courses show the coach how to develop skillful players with game understanding through the use of realistic, progressive practices.  Every level on the Practice Play course framework advances the work covered in the previous level with gradual increases in difficulty whilst still maintaining the same underlying themes and using realistic game practices.

We run the following Practice Play courses:

  • Level 1: Individualism
  • Level 2: Exploiting time and space
  • Level 3: Playing through the thirds
  • Level 4: Preparing for the senior game
  • Level 5: Combining game styles


Our One 2 One courses are unique. They are the only courses worldwide that train coaches to work individually with players. In this course we teach the coach how to use realistic one to one practices to develop skill, vision and awareness in grass roots and senior players.

We run the following One 2 One courses:

  • One 2 One Coaching – Certificate
  • One 2 One Coaching – Advanced Certificate